Templar / ICQ # 571438858

Anon Delivers4/16/2010 9:22 PM 
Anon Delivers4/16/2010 9:23 PM 
you r there?
Templar4/16/2010 9:58 PM 
Templar4/16/2010 9:59 PM 
and you are?
Templar5:54 AM 
Who are you?
Templar3:12 PM 
Anon Delivers5:38 PM 
msg me about paypal cashout when you have time

Templar6:21 PM 
OK, I got some time now
Templar6:22 PM 
Let me know what you need to know.
Anon Delivers6:22 PM 
you work through escrow?  
Templar6:23 PM 
Will need to know what exactly this is about?
volumes? how founds are sent.
Templar6:24 PM 
stuffs like that.
Anon Delivers6:28 PM 
well, i have accounts, you can take this wired from dirty account or do i need to transfer to my own and then onto you
some offer each service, I want to know what you can do 
Templar6:29 PM 
Well, all i do is clean PP funds. dirty or whatever.
Anon Delivers6:29 PM 
well, you say you "cashout", how you send my cut?
Templar6:29 PM 
however, the only time when I accept to clean from jacked PP accts is when I know for sure the sender knows what he's doing and not some noob trying to experiment.
Hope you understand?
Templar6:30 PM 
cuts are sent via MG or WU
Anon Delivers6:30 PM 
you cannot send to exchanger who can go into WMZ/LR for me?
and yes I understand bro, I have been around in this biz 
Templar6:30 PM 
Well, I can do that as well. you choose the exchanger and I do the WU xfer to them, but you'll follow up with them yourself.
Anon Delivers6:30 PM 
but WMZ/LR is much safe for me
Anon Delivers6:31 PM 
how much can you do a day?
and you use escrow for big amount?
Templar6:31 PM 
I think that question is actually for you to answer 
Templar6:32 PM 
I do have lots of verified PP's on demand, just never founds folks who can maximize this money machine.
although I got a buddy doing eBay who does 5 PPs weekly.
that's the best anyone I've worked with has ever gone.
Templar6:33 PM 
I can do as much, depends on how much volume you are capable of sending out.
Templar6:34 PM 
btw, wish I could put up escrow, but that's just not practical. PP isn't 100%. It's more 70% and the 30% screw has to be planned for. 
Besides that, I think I got my reputation to front in place of escrow.
Templar6:35 PM 
you don't have to go all out, we start small, then you increase when you see a need to.
Templar6:47 PM 
Is this conversation over?
Anon Delivers7:26 PM 
you not use escrow we not do biz, you have no one to vouch for you on forum
Anon Delivers7:27 PM 
i do not bother doing "small work" it is not worth my time
go big or go home 
Templar7:27 PM 
you doing all the talking, what are you capable of exactly?
how  much volume do you do?
Anon Delivers7:27 PM 
you ask me if conversation is over, i simply respond bro
Anon Delivers7:28 PM 
I can do 500-1k a day to start, more if you follow up and such
Templar7:28 PM 
1k xfers daily?
Anon Delivers7:28 PM 
i have done paypal transactions enough for 5-7k a day when I have tried in around 2 hr
in cash bro
Templar7:28 PM 
you mean 1k per paypal acct?
Anon Delivers7:29 PM 
yes, from verified biz paypals, some for more
ebay transactions and like this
Templar7:29 PM 
1k xfer daily?
Anon Delivers7:29 PM 
per account....
Templar7:30 PM 
I see.
Anon Delivers7:30 PM 
$1000 per account...this make sense to you?  there is way to get it through if you are smart
Templar7:30 PM 
I've done bigger figures than that, amigo.
and how many 1ks do you send out daily?
Anon Delivers7:30 PM 
as much as there is need
Templar7:31 PM 
how long does your jacked funds last before reversal?
Anon Delivers7:31 PM 
all depands
what is fastest you can cash out in?
Templar7:31 PM 
takes me 3 days to get funds into my banks.
Anon Delivers7:32 PM 
well if you can do escrow we can talk more
Templar7:32 PM 
so, if you jacked funds last that long, then I might be interested.
else, i don't see a need.
Anon Delivers7:32 PM 
lol of course you do not, because I send money first
escrow or no biz. sorry.
not sending 1k up front with no escrow
you think I am retard?
Templar7:33 PM 
nope, i think you're stating terms in your best interest.
Was nice talking anywho.
I'm sure you'll find another PP drop soon 
Templar7:34 PM 
Have a good one!
Anon Delivers7:34 PM 
lol.....no escrow = ripper
Templar7:35 PM 
Buddy, whatever. Like i said, I've done bigger digits without all the fuss and always had their monies ready in 3 days.
Anon Delivers7:35 PM 
talk is cheap
Templar7:35 PM 
I ain't here to trade words with ya.
Templar7:36 PM 
From experience, jacked funds are shit. cost me money to create these verified accts. won't like to burn them down over a 30/70 jacked funds probability.
Anon Delivers7:36 PM 
lol...there are ways to mask this, obviously you do not know 
Templar7:37 PM 
When you ready to quit talking and do some working, leave me a message.
Anon Delivers7:37 PM 
no escrow=we will not do biz, i will also be saying in forum you do not want use escrow with 1k and we will see how people talk about this ok?
lol no escrow with 1k amounts, he is all talk and no truth, do not bother to try to do biz he will take the $ and run fast
You're so so sad, mate!

Really wish i can help you out some how. LOL!

It costs me $300 to create my verified PP accounts, ID's, bank drops etc.

And you expect me to fry them over 1k (jacked funds) per PP account?

Folks with lots of experience doing jacked PP funds will tell ya they aren't certain and yeah, I'm done burning my PP accounts doing jacked PP funds.

So, move your experimenting PP funds elsewhere, I ain't interested! :p


i think templar is right.. pp accounts not always work right.. there are chances and provabilities comes with higher numbers. i have experience in cashing out pp accounts and to my experience sometimes all will work, and sometimes other won't.. there are no warranty that a certain account will be able to cash the account, without problems.
i think templar is right.. pp accounts not always work right.. there are chances and provabilities comes with higher numbers. i have experience in cashing out pp accounts and to my experience sometimes all will work, and sometimes other won't.. there are no warranty that a certain account will be able to cash the account, without problems.
Mex, please school this noob on how dicey and trickey PP can be.

He claims he knows shit about PP, but knows nothing.

I WILL put up an escrow for PP funds from eBay and any other means that you gotta guarantee won't be claimed in 2-3 days.

I WON'T put up no friggin' escrow for your 50/50 odds, account-frying jacked PP funds!

So, stop hounding me and go look for someone else to sweat your 1k per account of jacked PP funds.

For the records, I average 10k every 2 weeks per PP account before I get locked, why would I want to toast my accounts now over 1k?

P.S. I still insist you're a noob, Mr NOusername:rolleyes:
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I'm not vouching for Templar or anything but he seems to know what he's talking about on ICQ when I talked to him.

There's a lot of people who talk big on the forums.
i have done biz with templar he is safe and help-full too doesn't waste ur time and energy up to the point ....... and he is a experienced in wht he does so bro its ok to do bizz with him.....
Paypal is gay, and lots of security measures these days. Nothing is guaranteed with paypal, its hit and miss. Templar is right for not wanting to waste setup verif accounts on 1k cash outs.


i don't see why templar has to be called a ripper when he ripped no one. also he sounds to me that he knows a lot about pp cashout. you can only try to make a deal, and see if an agreement is made... i don't find it necessary to call templar a ripper, and he sounds legit and that has knowledge in the business. i never dealt with him, but my experience tells me he know the way around pp.
Gaypal normally flag anything over 400 too, if your account is in good standing and you've had it a while, it will pass usually.

If there's not regular activity, and all of a sudden your account has 1k or more in it and you're requesting a cash out immediately, most likely will be flagged.

My tip don't use gaypal ;)


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