No escrow wanted cash upfront

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Here we go - this is what I am talking about with regards to the industry:

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Bobbles Helko: hey its lolmope
henrysoto711: hi
henrysoto711: where u from?
Bobbles Helko: germany
Bobbles Helko: and u
henrysoto711: k
henrysoto711: philippines
Bobbles Helko: manila?
henrysoto711: ya
Bobbles Helko: cool
Bobbles Helko: good hackers there
Bobbles Helko: know a few
henrysoto711: i need some REAL info
henrysoto711: i m tired of rippers
Bobbles Helko: what kind of info?
henrysoto711: fullz
Bobbles Helko: u looking for accounts?
henrysoto711: paypal
henrysoto711: bank logins
henrysoto711: wat u have?
henrysoto711: i have a great set up here
Bobbles Helko: i dont have paypal accounts...that shit it too secure...i have moneybookers accounts which are much easier to passby
henrysoto711: how do u use those?
henrysoto711: poker i guess?
Bobbles Helko: no what poker...i dont use them i seel them
Bobbles Helko: i phish them out
henrysoto711: next question is how do we transact? i m not going to get screwed again
henrysoto711: no use them on poker sites
henrysoto711: cash out
henrysoto711: play and then cash out
henrysoto711: anyway, how cud we do this?
henrysoto711: costs? procedures?
Bobbles Helko: bro the accounts are active and live.....i can send u screen shots..i have $500 all the way to 5k
Bobbles Helko: poker sites will require id verification before cashout...unless its a chip dump
Bobbles Helko: but still other account has to be successfull in depositing in past
Bobbles Helko: do u have a verfied poker account
Bobbles Helko: ?
henrysoto711: no
henrysoto711: wat else u use mb for?
Bobbles Helko: its exactly like paypal u can pay shit with it buy shit and all that
henrysoto711: ok, so wat is the deal?
Bobbles Helko: what is the deal lol? u want me to make a deposit to a poker site and lose chips to u ? what am i gaining from this lol
henrysoto711: split it or do some sort of split
henrysoto711: no prob
henrysoto711: i have many girls with fake IDs, bank accounts and one has paypal
henrysoto711: wat is was doing before was WU
Bobbles Helko: lol if thats what u r looking for on the site...u will never ever find anyone who will to this for u....i can put anything on that lol
henrysoto711: no i have this
henrysoto711: i had a guy before doing this
henrysoto711: he go fullz
henrysoto711: he went to WU online and sent to the girls
henrysoto711: and then they sent whatever back to another account
Bobbles Helko: what country did he send from?
henrysoto711: it was pretty slick
henrysoto711: germany! lol
henrysoto711: but he had socks or ip spoofer or whatever he said
Bobbles Helko: hmmmm
henrysoto711: watever he did, worked
Bobbles Helko: well i got mb accounts well over 5k...if u want to buy i sell them
Bobbles Helko: if not i dont know what else to offer u
henrysoto711: wat r the procedures?
Bobbles Helko: procedures for what?
Bobbles Helko: cashing out?
Bobbles Helko: or buying them/
henrysoto711: to buy account?
Bobbles Helko: 2 step process u send me money via wmz and i give u account info
henrysoto711: how do i not get ripped yet again?
Bobbles Helko: tell me what balance u want and the price will varry
henrysoto711: i did that for the last 2 guys
henrysoto711: out $400 so far
Bobbles Helko: i will provide u with screen shots proof what ever u want...
Bobbles Helko: my name is lolmope on
Bobbles Helko: i sell good accounts
henrysoto711: the guy selling the fullz did the same thing to me
henrysoto711: one african and the other swedish
Bobbles Helko: yeah i know a lot of rippers out sellers even get ripped
henrysoto711: is there an escrow?
Bobbles Helko: its a scamming business lol
henrysoto711: ya thats wat i posted
henrysoto711: i wud think there has got to be some sort of escrow mechanism
Bobbles Helko: i steal from people..people steal from me....u steal...everyones steals from everyone lol
henrysoto711: to protect parties
henrysoto711: ya lol
Bobbles Helko: yeah escrow is supposedly safe....but i never use that shit.....i deal straight up....if my customers want
Bobbles Helko:
Bobbles Helko: this is a screenshot...if u want me to login again so u see todays date and time and your chatbox i will be more than willing
Bobbles Helko: u need higher balances i got that too
Bobbles Helko: ??
henrysoto711: so what wud be the cost?
henrysoto711: how many u sell?
henrysoto711: or have u sold b4?
Bobbles Helko: that depends on what balance u want....yes i have a few regular customers
henrysoto711: wat is the minimum?
henrysoto711: just need to make sure its real
henrysoto711: then will buy big
henrysoto711: i m more of an investor and if can see returns, then i invest
henrysoto711: ends have to justify the means
Bobbles Helko: minimum balance is $500 which will cost u $65 wmz
Bobbles Helko: most accounts are us...but i have some uk and german accounts
Bobbles Helko: accounts are verified and have cc attached to them
Bobbles Helko: so u get full info
Bobbles Helko: if u can cash it out good for u .....i dont care what u do with them...i only sell them the rest is up to u
henrysoto711: y u not cash it out?
Bobbles Helko: what seller do u know that cashes out this own shit? its dirty money...we only want clean cash
Bobbles Helko: lol u dont know much do u
Bobbles Helko: i am not even sure if u have money to buy or know what u want lol
Bobbles Helko: i hope u r not wasting my time
Bobbles Helko: these accounts are phished and fresh
Bobbles Helko: anyways final words are do u want to buy or not?
henrysoto711: i just did a screen shot of one of MY own accounts to show u
henrysoto711: i use to launder BIG dollars in offshore accounts
henrysoto711: not this nickle and dime shit. i will do it if it gets bigger. want to make sure it works
henrysoto711: but weeding through all the scammers with shit $20 here and $50 there and $100 there
henrysoto711: its all panty anny shit
Bobbles Helko: lol u want the big stuff? how does a 25k account sound like to u ?
Bobbles Helko: u have the money for it i got the goods
Bobbles Helko: well if the cops were on to him he was not so smart now was he
henrysoto711: someone turned me on to this forum and wanted to see who the players are or were
Bobbles Helko: so now i am asking u what is it that u exactly want?
Bobbles Helko: if your looking for free accounts or logins thats not going to happen
Bobbles Helko: no way impossible
henrysoto711: i dont care about free!
henrysoto711: but some sort of escrow or whatever is needed. i m not losing any more shit
henrysoto711: like u said, everyone on here are theives and liars!
Bobbles Helko: escrow lol....the only people that use that are petty crooks willing to make a dime
Bobbles Helko: what order would u like to place first?
henrysoto711: like i said, if u can prove the system, i have cash and can get more cash!
Bobbles Helko: how much r u willing to buy for?
henrysoto711: no problem
henrysoto711: i need to prove the system - and NOT asking for a free ride
henrysoto711: i did EXACTLY wat i was asked to do from those fucking rippers
henrysoto711: i sent the WU when and where they asked
henrysoto711: and then all of a sudden QUIET!
Bobbles Helko: to prove the system? how can i "prove" the system to u lol?
henrysoto711: not online any more
Bobbles Helko: ok tell me how to prove it to u ?
Bobbles Helko: send u an account? lol
henrysoto711: well, if we can come up with some sort of overall deal, i can make u a LOT LOT of money
henrysoto711: thats wat i do
henrysoto711: offshore banking
henrysoto711: and securities
Bobbles Helko: bro i dont need a place to dumb the funds in.....i have my friends already that i would ask to do that sort of stuff....i wouldnt need i said i got accounts...its up to u to cash them out or re sell them..
henrysoto711: i dont really know. i am a banker. and if we can figure something out great, if not, i m NOT a penny anny crook or ripper or nickle and dime bullshitter
Bobbles Helko: only thing i can offer is for u to buy the stuff...when u cash them out? if u cash them out...u can send me half the money and then i will give u free accounts one at a time to cash out and go 5-0/50
Bobbles Helko: but for me to send u accounts first is impossible
Bobbles Helko: so that wont work
Bobbles Helko: first u buy,,,,u cash out....send me half the money, minus what u paid for account...and then i know u r for real and will give u account at a time for free to cashout
Bobbles Helko: u understand this?
Bobbles Helko: cause i will tell u what i think now..i think u dont have a penny on u and u r looking for freebies
henrysoto711: y dont we do this, i use one of my small accounts. i set up an escrow somewhere like $250 and we use a small account of yours - once u verified the money is there. then we do something small
henrysoto711: if it works, then we continue
henrysoto711: if not, we break escrow and i go home
henrysoto711: if it works, we do it again, and again
henrysoto711: this time i will block $5,000 or so
henrysoto711: so u see the cash each time - VERY REAL
henrysoto711: no bullshit
henrysoto711: i have the cash. cash is NOT the problem
Bobbles Helko: cash is not the problem? i dont know where u r living buddy but cash is a MAJOR problem everywhere
henrysoto711: not for me - i am a BANKER!
henrysoto711: i understand banking and investing
henrysoto711: maybe the thugs in this business if they got organized and figured something out, they could make more than $65
Bobbles Helko: bro listen....i sell shit, yeah ? u understand that, yeah? u tell me what accounts or logins u want, which country and the balance and i will provide u
henrysoto711: or the idiots ripping me for a measly $100 or so
Bobbles Helko: well bro we want clean cash
Bobbles Helko: we dont want to get nailed
henrysoto711: thats what i can do
henrysoto711: i have ability to do it
Bobbles Helko: cause my friend did get busted for cashing out logins and is doing 3 years
henrysoto711: new to mb, but we can figure this out. what i am telling u is i m a banker
henrysoto711: i understand banking and investing
henrysoto711: i have money and can get more for the right deals
henrysoto711: i understand your side as well
henrysoto711: i am NOT asking for free ride or info
Bobbles Helko: funny part is that he also worked in a bank...supposedly like u and he did get no thank u..i dont want to get my ass busted aswell and visit his ass
Bobbles Helko: u want to cash out money right?
Bobbles Helko: is that all u r interested in?
henrysoto711: i want to prove concept with my own funds and a small account. then we can get busy
henrysoto711: he is a dumbass then
Bobbles Helko: ok so u send me money for the accounts u want then and i will give them to u ...
henrysoto711: i wash money for much larger clients
henrysoto711: its ok. if u dont want me to show u i have the money, so the argument is not that i dont have the money - the argument wud be that u want me to blindly send the money, forget it. i need to prove the whole procedure with small moneys and protect all parties, including u
henrysoto711: if u dont understand that, then go bak to nickles and dimes
Bobbles Helko: bro i think u dont know what the hell u r talking about...u r not making any sense and u sound u want accounts with high, low balances or not
henrysoto711: fishy?
henrysoto711: i m willing to put 1/2 of the balances in escrow!
henrysoto711: who is doing that?
henrysoto711: NO ONE!
henrysoto711: that shows u i m real
henrysoto711: i have the cash
Bobbles Helko: oh really u want to put half in escrow? do u know how escrow works?
henrysoto711: well, an escrow should work that once the account is verified and its cashed out, u get your 1/2, i get mine
henrysoto711: pretty simple
henrysoto711: or should be
henrysoto711: i put deals together all day long
henrysoto711: i knew some guys making big money doing this so i decided to try it
henrysoto711: but it seems like there are a bunch of kids, penny thieves, liars, cheats and unsophisticated people doing this business
Bobbles Helko: lol...very nice,,but afraid not...first u say u r invester banker..then u say u have girls with fake ids....then u say u get WU u want to deal with thousands and thousands of dollars...and then u cant afford to send $65 for an account
henrysoto711: has nothing to do with afraid
Bobbles Helko: if it works u can order higher balances of up to 25k
henrysoto711: i just sent out and lost over $400 including the aggravation
Bobbles Helko: who the fuck did u deal with ?
Bobbles Helko: on
henrysoto711: so, yes, not interested -
henrysoto711: ya
Bobbles Helko: name ?
henrysoto711: hold on
Bobbles Helko: and then u want to deposit on poker and cash out,,,and paypal what the hell r u on bro
Bobbles Helko: dont make me make admin ban your ass
henrysoto711: no
henrysoto711: i was looking for fullz
henrysoto711: to do what my friend was doing already in germany
Bobbles Helko: bro this convo is being saved....cause it makes no sense whatsoever...looks to me like u r just looking for some free cash lol
henrysoto711: i m saying the only thing i know is poker regarding mb
henrysoto711: oh my God
Bobbles Helko: what is your wmid?
henrysoto711: u have got to be kidding me
henrysoto711: i can show u convo's about the ripper
henrysoto711: u know i m all knew to this shit
henrysoto711: and no one seems to have a fucking clue how to make money
henrysoto711: save that
Bobbles Helko: i am sorry man...but it sounds fishy...10 different stories u know what i mean
henrysoto711: i can show u I HAVE THE MONEY
henrysoto711: I HAVE THE MONEY
henrysoto711: so do NOT put me in that category
Bobbles Helko: bro we r here selling shit....we know exactly what we r doing
Bobbles Helko: ok so u want a verified mb account,..with high balance?
Bobbles Helko: bank login?
Bobbles Helko: tell me what u need specifically
Bobbles Helko: i will give it to u
henrysoto711: this is what i have - i wash money
henrysoto711: through legitimate businesses
Bobbles Helko: i am not here to make partners i already have many in all categories
henrysoto711: i have girls with fake IDs and get them bank accounts and paypal accounts and such
henrysoto711: so whatever i can utilize to "WASH MONEY" then great!
Bobbles Helko: ok so then u want to buy a login and u will cash it out yourself?
henrysoto711: again, i m new to all this
henrysoto711: and, i have some money and if it is safe and i can show returns, i bring others in - they will NOT know what i am investing in
henrysoto711: and then i clean up money that way too
Bobbles Helko: ok i am going to ask u do something..and if u do it i know u r MAYBE for real
Bobbles Helko: send $1 to my wmz account?
henrysoto711: lol
henrysoto711: i dont have wmz account
henrysoto711: i have paypal
henrysoto711: i cud that
henrysoto711: i told u i m new
henrysoto711: i can show u i just WU and Paypal to 2 rippers
henrysoto711: i had conversations like this
henrysoto711: i cud send those to u
Bobbles Helko: ok send me $1 to my paypal account
Bobbles Helko: without reversal hahahaa
henrysoto711: i can show u the russian WU drop this fucker used
henrysoto711: ok, then wat does that do?
Bobbles Helko: it tells me that u atleast r worth a dollar haha
Bobbles Helko: thank u very much sir for wasting my precious time
henrysoto711: likewise, i make more money than u, so when u waste my time, it cost me way more
henrysoto711: save this convo
henrysoto711: post it
henrysoto711: u can see i was willing and able to post an escrow
henrysoto711: u can see i was making a screen shot of just one of my accounts
henrysoto711: u can see that i was going to put 1/2 amount in escrow
henrysoto711: u r the ripper
henrysoto711: maybe i will post this, as yet another example
Bobbles Helko: u 1/2 ammount and me the other 1/2? lol
henrysoto711: i am going to post this actually
Bobbles Helko: hahahahhha
Bobbles Helko: oh please do...
Bobbles Helko: i cant wait to see the replies of u accusing me
Bobbles Helko: this is going to be funny
Bobbles Helko: hello can u please post it now?
Bobbles Helko: its rush hour on
Bobbles Helko is typing...
Bobbles Helko: i want to laugh a bit





haha please ban this clown...he is ruining my business with this foolishness....has no sense of direction or u can see....he is not making any sense on what he wants and is jumping from topic to topic.....BAN


haha please ban this clown...he is ruining my business with this foolishness....has no sense of direction or u can see....he is not making any sense on what he wants and is jumping from topic to topic.....BAN
this clown has no respect for admin. he told me he doesnt and would not trust admin under any circumstances - this was after he told me he supposedly showed ONE and ONLY one moneybrooker account, which i am finding anybody can get one account and show it and try to collect moneys. i wanted to confirm this and he got very defensive and said i was "fishy" and jumping around? he wants me and other Buyers to pay for his dinners and drinks evidently cuz he has no ability to get more than $65 and then he asked me to send him $1. I think this is a kid or some college punk wanna be hacker guy that could not put a deal together to save his life lol.

i kept telling him i would verify with admin if he is bullshit or not and he got scared and then disappeared. i said i would send money to the admin here if he would accept it. verify to this clown here, and then ONLY release it when the account was successfully logged in and able to get into it. that would be fair. and i even offered him more than he was asking. clown? i think this guy needs to look in the mirror! if it acts like a duck and walks like a duck, its a duck or in this guy's case probably a ripper - oh, but someone supposedly got his account and he has a negative rating cuz of that lol. whatever.

be careful of this guy is all i am saying.

i have been ripped twice by a couple shitheads on here and it will NEVER EVER happen again!

any legitimate sellers who want to use escrow, let me know.

i do wat i say i will do. always have and always will.

if you Sellers want to make nickles and dimes and $50 or $100 each time or want to make thousands of dollars! let me know. we can make some big money together. safely and efficiently.
if i choose to use escrow or not that is my fucking deal....i dont use escrow period and never will...cause i dont believe in it...if u want to buy from me buy if not i am not fucking forcing u to do shit or begging u to buy how can u even think of calling me a ripper when u can see i didnt even bother forcing u to buy shit...all i told u is u wanna buy yes or no and u got in on the whole "i am an investment banker" crap......freaking noobs and shitting in their pants to lose $65....when i already told u the prices...if my shit is so fucking cheap and you have "big cash" why r u shitting in your pants and want to use escrow for $65 when u deal with "millions"....freaking vultures trying to scavange freebies
LolMope - in my Pm i want a trully cute MB verified 2k account.So we will see who`s the clown here!Alredy 48h passed LolMope ignoring :) Yup Ripper Status!Thread Closed.
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