Mrdojac is a ripper

Mrdojac on this forum is a ripper

70-029-8746:39 AM
yes I'm
how may I help you?
70-029-8748:50 AM
70-029-8749:54 AM 70-029-874 has added you
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Gucci9:54 AM
70-029-8749:55 AM
Gucci9:55 AM
i got ur msg and u said u have usa fullz
70-029-8749:55 AM
yes I have Visa Master US fullz like format send you
Gucci9:56 AM
debit? and what banks?
70-029-8749:56 AM
alot of visa master debit bank US
selection by bins free
Gucci9:56 AM
id lika boa if you have male
70-029-8749:57 AM
yes have it
Gucci9:57 AM
let me buy a test one before i get more
70-029-8749:58 AM
Gucci9:58 AM
wmz is
70-029-8749:58 AM

70-029-87410:01 AM
Gucci10:02 AM
10 wmz?
or is it more for male debit boa
70-029-87410:02 AM
Male,BOA US Master
ok man
Gucci10:03 AM
Gucci10:05 AM
70-029-87410:06 AM
min order 3cc
you send 10$ per one?
Gucci10:06 AM
i need a test before i buy about 5
i told u and you agreed
70-029-87410:06 AM
man, I'm verified on csu
70-029-87410:07 AM
you can see my feedback at
Gucci10:07 AM
if you want money
70-029-87410:07 AM
so just come to
Gucci10:07 AM
then send me what i paid for
70-029-87410:07 AM
and my rules never change, my fullz alway fresh and cheap price
Gucci10:07 AM
i paid for test u agreed
let me buy a test one before i get more

70-029-8749:58 AM

70-029-87410:08 AM
Name Debra Ready
Address 7616 S. 173rd St
City Omaha
States NE
Zip Code 68136
Country United States
Phone 402-884-8739
TYPE MasterCard
NAME ON CARD Debra M Ready
CARD NUMBER 5490350177217747
EXPIRES 09/2012
CVV ***
SSN 5504-326-4252
ATM PIN 88025***
Bank Account No 455233012845
Routing 031100160
Bank Zip 19801-0000
Gucci10:08 AM
is this how were going to start it off arging over 10 wmz
70-029-87410:08 AM
Gucci10:08 AM
lol i said male
70-029-87410:08 AM
I will refunds
I have male and famale
Gucci10:09 AM
i paid for male
womad are worthless dude
i said boa male debit
this is a test and im not sure how ur doing
70-029-87410:10 AM
if not vaild will refunds money, this rules on the world man
I'm getting debit BOA now for you, wait some min
Gucci10:10 AM
i buy 3 to 5 a day i dont care ill buy more then ur best buyer
70-029-87410:11 AM
so you can views my theard on csu, I'm verified seller since 2/2009
your ID on csu man? I will send you PM now
Gucci10:11 AM
im only on
70-029-87410:13 AM
why not join csu?
you will get my 2 vouch now man, see you're like good vendor
Gucci10:13 AM
need vouchers and friend traced admin to fbi
70-029-87410:14 AM
well, dont worry, you will get 2 vouch now
so on csu I'm just searching have ID of person same you Gucci201 :D
Gucci10:14 AM
70-029-87410:15 AM
I think that it you :D
Gucci10:15 AM
thats my id on
70-029-87410:15 AM
wait me some min, still loading for checking bank details of debit visa BOA US :D
Gucci10:16 AM
no problem
70-029-87410:16 AM
my theard have more 30 page on Credit Card Land Services
and Support will accpect for my voucher
Gucci10:16 AM
im legit im no rookie trust me
70-029-87410:17 AM
but join on csu, dont share your ID, cau if you spam or scam will be banned forever man
csu 90% real vendor Seller and Buyer
Gucci10:17 AM
im real dude i cashout daily
this is my job
70-029-87410:19 AM
if you can cashout as well my us fullz, next times I dont sell it, will give you for cash and share me 50%
Gucci10:20 AM
heres what i can do....
Gucci10:22 AM
i cashout wu, and change billing address to buy whatever we want, depends on balance i have drops and i speak very good english and can call in and manipulate with social engenering
70-029-87410:22 AM
Visa BOA Debit 435687-435680-435690
it' ok?
Gucci10:22 AM
do u have wachovia as well?
70-029-87410:22 AM
fullz Male with name on card
70-029-87410:23 AM
yes Wachovia
Gucci10:23 AM
wachovia i can change billing address very easy
70-029-87410:23 AM
ok but min order 3cc
you've paid me 1cc
Gucci10:23 AM
its dead
70-029-87410:23 AM
Gucci10:24 AM
called bank its dead
70-029-87410:24 AM
no man, the cc I'm paste this demo, not real for sell man
Gucci10:24 AM
u gotta send me something valid before i send anymore
70-029-87410:24 AM
Visa BOA Debit 435687-435680-435690
just checking now
Gucci10:24 AM
thats my stipulation
Gucci10:25 AM
u have working cvv ill buy 2 more atleast instantly
people who have minums are rippers
70-029-87410:25 AM
oh my rules never change
so if you not accpet I will refunds you 10$ now
70-029-87410:26 AM
Gucci10:26 AM
i want fullz
u agreed to test
70-029-87410:26 AM
no, I'm not talk it
and forget my vouch
Gucci10:26 AM
do u want to make money today or you want to argue about me sending 20 more wmz
70-029-87410:26 AM
give me your wmz
70-029-87410:27 AM
min order 3cc man
you without 20$
Gucci10:27 AM
send me ur post on
70-029-87410:27 AM
your id on
Gucci10:27 AM
dont have remember?????
70-029-87410:28 AM
on Sell Cvv Box, my topic
Mrdojac my ID
Verified Seller
go and views
Gucci10:29 AM
ur selling post
Gucci10:30 AM
like for ur fullz
70-029-87410:30 AM
go and see on stick man
and if pay next 20$ then tell me your wmz will refunds and stop here, have some buyer still wait me now
Gucci10:31 AM
ill buy
70-029-87410:31 AM
Gucci10:31 AM
get the fullz ready
males boa debit
70-029-87410:32 AM
Visa BOA Debit 435687-435680-435690 fullz with Male ready
Gucci10:33 AM
thata gucci im gucciman ive been around before that guy was ever here get your facts right before you write an idiotic post VasiliyPupkin
lol... sorry for your loss, but you may want to google things in the future. Mrdojac is one of the oldest rippers around. He's been doing this for years and people still buy from him, even though he's using the same name.


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